The world of flea marketing, the traditional marché aux puces, has a long tradition. There have always been those who desired to buy and those non-professional dealers who wanted to sell.

With the advent of online Internet vending the popularity of flea markets has begun a decline – not in the numbers of those engaged in selling but in those who offer their wares in a public venue. Why, after all, brave the often-adversarial elements when items can be offered and sold from the comfort of one's home sitting at a computer?

I have visited open-air and covered markets since I was a child. Documenting this disappearing lifestyle is something I will now try to cover with my camera more carefully whether it is the revered boot or jumble sale (England), flomärt (Swiss-German); el pulgero (South Florida); swap meet( California and elsewhere) or juna bazaar/gurjari (India).

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