Two People Crossing a Temporary Bridge

I am engaged in several long-term photo projects, many involving The Laws of Unintended Consequences.

A few images from each of my Projects are displayed on my Projects/Portfolios: Works-in-Progress page on this web site.

Last Speakers – Lost Worlds

Cuba: Seeing & Being Seen 

     Book forthcoming late autumn of 2019

Upper Mustang: Tear a Piece of Time

Oblate Sisters of Providence

My first real image-making was, in fact, a project, in 1970 or '71 with a high school friend. Riding pillion on his small off-road motorcycle, I held the camera where we would go onto the dirt roads of a strip-mining coal company in our county. We sought to document the acid water run-off from the vast operations in the countryside.

With his nimble bike we were able to evade and outrun the coal company security vehicles that would occasionally spot us. How we were able to stay on that little bike, on terrible roads, without an accident, I do not know! I used those pictures for a long-disappeared school report.

The high school friend, David, went on to study photography at Ohio State University while I became an anthropologist.

Purely in the context of my own work, I would repeat my trust in the contingent, the inauthentic, the whim, the practical, as strategies for finding meaning. I would repeat my mistrust in the worth of Good Ideas. And state a belief that somewhere between relying on pure chance on the one hand, and the execution of a programme on the other, lies the most uncertain but the most fertile ground for the work we do ... I think I have shown that it is not the clear light or reason or even aesthetic sensibility which determines how one works, but a constellation of factors only some of which we can change at will. – William Kentridge

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