Typical Adapter

Typical Adapter

Lens Mount Adapters for the Fuji X-Pro1

This page lists 32 X-Mount adapters!!!

(as of 18 December 2013)

There must be others. Do you know of any?

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Check out the Fuji M Mount Adapter Page to see what lenses are compatible with your camera: http://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/digital_cameras/accessories/lens/mount/fujifilm_m_mount_adapter/compatibility_chart/

For example, the great 50mm Summicron DR does not work well with the Fuji as the rear of the lens extends into the camera when focusing (of course, it does not work with the Leica M8 either!) On some camera models it will cause damage by bumping into the mirror or the sensor. There is a company that says their adapter for the Fuji X-Pro1 is deep enough to avoid this. I have not tried it.

Important Notice / Please Read:

Exercise care! This information should be taken as a starting point for your search. I am not responsible for any omissions or factual inaccuracies in the content of this page. Nor am I responsible for any equipment loss or damage if you get an adapter based upon information here that turns out to causes problems with your equipment. Look at this information and then conduct your own due diligence!


Arriflex Arri S ($88, Roxsen)

Cinematography lenses

Arriflex PL Lens ($250)

Bayonet mount cinematography lenses

Canon EOS /EF/EFS ($23-36)

Canon FD ($ ) Bayonet mount

C - FX Adapter for C-Mount 16mm cine, 35mm F1.7 TV & CCTV lenses ($6-26)


Contax G (<$30)

Bayonet mount for the Japanese Yashica-made Contax G1 & G2 rangefinder

Contax (Inner Bayonet) ($250)

for those old Contax IIa & IIIa camera lenses.

1) Carl Zeiss (West Germany, post-reunification Germany & modern Japan);

2) Carl Zeiss Jena (East Germany, right up until re-unification)

3) Zeiss Opton (post-WWII West Germany for a few years before the company began using just the “Carl Zeiss” name – a result of lawsuits between the East & West German Zeiss companies. A bit like the cigar industry post-Cuba 1959.)

4) some Russian lenses, I think

5) Nikon S lenses up to about 85mm. After 85mm focus issues come into play

Contax Yashica C/Y (<$20)

Bayonet mount for the Japanese Yashica-made Contax SLR

Exacta ($ )

Bayonet mount

Hasselblad 6x6 ($ )

Bayonet mount

Hasselblad V Mount ($89)

Konica AR ($22)

Leica R ($ ) Bayonet mount

Leica Visoflex M ($20-90)

M39 or LTM /Leica Thread Mount ($10- )

39mm diameter with 0.977 mm pitch/26 turns-per-inch: Leica, early Canon, Jupiter and Industrar Russian lenses, etc. Be aware there exist Russian 39mm lenses with 1mm DIN threads; also Canon lenses with 39mm and 24 turns-per-inch, known as a J-Mount

M42 (Universal Screw) ($ )

a 42mm diameter/1mm thread pitch mount used by Zeiss, Zenit, Pentax, Practica, Voigtlander, Chinon, and others.

Kipon makes an adapter that will tilt your M42 lens to create a PC lens ($119, new version $180) and another one to shift the lens right or left ($125)

M Mount ($10 to the sky!)

Leica bayonet beginning 1954. Used by Leica, Minolta CLE, Minolta Rokkor, Konica Hexar RF, Voigtlander, Cosina Voigtlander, Rollei 35 RF lenses, modern Zeiss Ikon, Ricoh GXR. There are, perhaps, others.

Fujifilm Version ($200-150)

Kipon makes one With Focusing Helicoid. This lens adapter pulls the lens out 5mm improving the close focus ability to shorten the focusing distance of the lens in macro photography. ($156)

Mamiya 645 ($ )

Bayonet mount

Minolta SR ($ )

Bayonet mount for the MC and MD series of Rokkor lenses.

Nikon F ($ )

Bayonet mount

Nikon G ($ )

Novoflex web site: “With a few Nikkor lenses of the G-series the weather sealing of the lens has to be removed.”

Olympus OM ($13-95)

Bayonet mount

Olympus Pen F (half-frame lenses) ($ )

Pentacon Six Medium Format (including Exacta66, Praktisix) ($ )

Breech-lock bayonet mount.

Pentax 6x7 ($ ) Bayonet mount

Pentax K/PK (Sigma??) ($ )

Bayonet mount

Practika PB ($ )

Bayonet mount

Rollei QBM ($ )

Quick Bayonet Mount in three versions. Not sure this is the same as M Mount?

Sony Alpha Minolta MA AF ($35-43)

Allows use of your existing A-Mount lenses from Sony Alpha DSLR / (Konica) Minolta AF / Alpha / Dynax / Maxxum

T2 (Telescope) ($23)

Screw mount to fit Fuji X cameras to a telescope

Tamron Adaptall ($ , Fotodiox)

for Tamron lenses, obviously

Voigtlander Prominent ($250)

Unique bayonet mount

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