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$3295 per person / 6 participants

Inconsistent policies in US–Cuba relations has witnessed a tsunami of American tourists overwhelming areas of the country's brittle infrastructure, mainly in Havana and the western parts of the island, followed by an attempted return to the 'bad old days' of no formal contacts between our nations at all.

As it is currently, Havana is a city where a photographer does not have to contend with a view that includes many of the iconic signs of U.S. 'domestication' such as McDonalds and WalMarts. How long this situation lasts is anybody's guess.

This Tour and the Photo Walk workshops are all about the light and the way you see it; light as the over-arching necessity for photography – the science and, more importantly, art, of natural illumination and your individual point of view.

NOTE: The current U.S. Administration has instituted a major change, a return to the situation that reigned several years previously: individual, self-planned travel to the island will not be permitted. Therefore, travelers will, once again, need to join an authorized tour for legal travel to Cuba. Our CameraTrek Tours fulfill that mandate in that we get the required OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control of the Department of the U.S. Treasury) permits that cover all our travelers. The other change, that travelers lodge in non-government-owned accomodation, does not affect us as we stay in private casa particulars (the equivalent of a B&B.)



Our tours and workshops are in-the-field experiences open to photographers who desire to hone skills in capturing content and developing a style – all in the beautiful and engaging environs of Cuba, Venice, Barcelona, Scotland, Santa Fe, Upper Mustang, Papua New Guinea and East & Southern Africa – preferably using Leica M, SL, Q or Fuji X digital cameras with prime lenses.

(Tho it must be noted that 99% of viewers do not care what camera was used; they, like all of us, simply want to see great images!) The above systems are well suited to the classic image-making activity in which we engage: travel and street photography/ portraiture, documentary work, an occasional landscape and the ability to lend 'presence' to static objects like buildings and monuments.

Our Tours are small affairs for 4 to 6 photographers and are accomplished without the frills and gussied up accouterments many tours seem to have moved toward.  If an all-inclusive, no-expense-spared trip is what you are after, our excursions are probably not for you. We concentrate on authentic cultural immersion in some of the last wild, peopled places on earth – while they still exist.

Mindfullness / Be Here Now

Just as Buddhism attempts to get one to live in the present, mindful of the now, we boost your visual story-telling by helping you focus on the image in front of you at any given moment. The knack is to create the best, most engaging and captivating photograph you can with this one chance – right now!

Digital imaging and zoom lenses often obscure this idea, submerging it deep below the level of conscious thinking. With our ability to freely churn through hundreds of images we forget that it is this one picture right now, there before us, that is the most important image we will ever make – at least until we approach the next shot!

In photography, the path we choose may include a goal, but the goal is not the end, it is simply a signpost toward which we move. Reality suggests there is no end, there is simply the journey. Taking this journey we improve our mental and physical discipline – our eye and heart, our hand and proper stances, to discover personal rhythms and our own sources of photographic power.

Walking on Cuba

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